28th of March 2010 SAAB 900 Classicdays PDF Drucken
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Geschrieben von: Jeff the Golfhunter   
Donnerstag, den 11. März 2010 um 10:58 Uhr
Last year a bunch of french fans of the Saab 900 decided to gater in Paris . They 've organized that meeting in an easy way thanks to the SaabSportClub forum and were 37 cars together in the south suburb of Paris .
So this year they purposed to anyone who wanted to join , to meet in Le Bourget , north east of Paris hoping to federate much more people .And it's what's happening actually ! About 105 Saab 900 are going to drive to Le Bourget on Sunday 28th of March .
At this moment we can say that it will be an international meeting with people convoying from UK , Belgium & Switzerland . So to see Saab friends from Germany would be a very nice surprise and we would be very happy top welcome you !!
Here's the link to the website which has been created especially for this event :

Thank you .
French version please follow the link
The First german SAAB CLub e.V. on Facebook PDF Drucken
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Geschrieben von: Andreas Reithmeier   
Montag, den 08. März 2010 um 23:45 Uhr

The 1. german SAAB Club is also as Group on Facebook, so members of the Community, and friends of SAAB feel free to be a Part of the group.



March,2010 a Open Letter to the SAAB Clubs and Friends from all over the World PDF Drucken
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Geschrieben von: Andreas Reithmeier   
Montag, den 08. März 2010 um 12:50 Uhr

To day we Start a new Section on the Page with the hope to bring the SAAB Clubs from all over the World closer together.


Dear friends of SAAB,


the 1. Deutscher Saab-Club e.V. is on tour on new ways and first of all we have a new homepage since February 25 th.

With top reports about our brand and the SAAB – community we want to intensify our national and international contacts.

Therefore, we’d like to have:

  1. 1.      We want to have a link to your homepage.( referring to German justice we need your O.K. )
  2. Possible is a mail in which you allow us to link you. Please send us your preferred domain.
  3. 2.      A link from your homepage to ours.
  4. 3.      If you plan events or meetings with guests send us a mail to
             international@erster, that we can give a hint on our page
               and note the date in our timer.

    At this time you will find International meetings and Convetions here
  5. and here
  7. and sure here


Further I like to welcome any of your members who may be travelling to Germany and who would like to have contact in Germany to contact us.

We hope that you like our idea and that we can work together well.

Best Regards

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